Meet Cofoods

39111 Paseo Padre Pkwy. Suite 209

Fremont, CA 94538

Tel: 510-565-1680

Fax: 510-565-1681

• Founded August 2017
• Mission statement: Bring high Quality food products to the people
• Vision: be our customer and vendor’s valuable can credible partner
• Values: Equality, Integrity, Collaboration, and Innovation
• Goal: Better Service; Quality Assurance; Competitive price
• Core Competencies: Global Vertical Supply Chain to meet our customers’ needs
• Cofoods operations
   o Head office in San Jose, California
• Strategic vendor partners
   o China- Breaded shrimp, Catfish, Tilapia and Pompano
   o Indian- shrimp, squid and baby octopus
   o Indonesia- Ball octopus, shrimp
   o Vietnam- swai and shrimp
   o Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Honduras- shrimp Head On, HLSO, PD
• Key products
   o White shrimp; PD, PDTO, HLSO, Cooked PD and PDTO
   o Black Tiger: HLSO, PD, PDTO
   o Breaded shrimp
   o Tilapia, Pompano and Unagi
   o Swai
   o Indian baby octopus, Cuttlefish and squid
   o Indonesian Ball octopus